Hello  NE class of 69 classmates,
Another five years have passed and next year we will be celebrating our 40th class reunion. Can you believe it has been 40 years?
We have learned so much about what works and doesn't work for these reunions. We hope you have enjoyed our successes and we hope you forgive us our ideas that have not been successful.
This reunion date has not yet been set, but we have taken a look at what has worked in the past and have a game plan.

1.We are looking at the 3rd weekend of July or the 1st weekend of August 2009.
2.We feel that the Friday night gathering has been very successful and plan to repeat.
3.We will again try to keep the cost to a minimal so to include everyone interested in coming to the Saturday evening dinner/dance.
4.At the Saturday night dinner dance we think that people come to talk, reminisce and dance. We want to create an atmosphere conducive to that. We will have music playing for those dancers on a stereo/PA system. No DJ, no band. That way people interested in talking will enjoy that opportunity.
5. We have decided to not have the Sunday picnic.(attendance has been poor)
6. We will have a photograph done
7. We will try to communicate and send information via email (instead of the USPS) to save on postage.
8. We will have a memory book. Larry Mullikin has again graciously offered to do our printing of that memory book. The memory book has been very successful and we hope this year more people send us information to include. (even if they are unable to attend)

So what we need you to do is:
1. Send us your updated information and any fellow classmate you may have.
2. Put that date on your calendar, and please plan on coming.
I am amazed at the number of people we have lost and the older we get the fewer there will be of us.We grew up in a community, and in this day and age community is a thing of the past. People live next door to each other and rarely even see each other. Do not assume I have your correct info or anyone else', people change email addresses often.
We hope that you take the time and opportunity to join us. In order to have these opportunities we need participation. We know it's impossible to commit at this early date BUT if we had a general jest as to numbers we can start the planning process.
We will need help finding people and we will need people to sign up for committees when the time warrants it. Please pass this information on to others and PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS (BOTH EMAIL AND STREET) AND PHONE NUMBER ASAP) You will save us so much time and trouble trying to find you.

Thank you!
your NE class of 69 classmates
Martha Baird, Sally Crane,
Dean Hughson and Gloria Vogt

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